My Qualifications and Experience

I feel it is important to be able show my journey and qualifications. I use my Reiki journey as my foundation to my other aspects of my  Spiritual Qualifications. Although I recognise that the Divine Light is always at the helm, steering me and guiding me.

Reiki Degree Level One – 1980s

Reiki Degree Level Two Practitioner – 1990s

Munay Ki – nine rites – 1990s to 2020

Reiki Master Degree Level Three – 1990s

Reiki Master Teacher -1990s

Golden Ray and Rainbow Ray Teacher and Practitioner;  Unicorn and Dragon Practitioner

Reiki Grand Master Teacher ; Meditation Teacher and Practitioner; Lemurian Light and Reiki of the Atlantians Master /Teacher; Numerology Diploma; Meditation teacher and Practitioner Diploma; Tarot Diploma –  2020s

Psychic Medium, Tarot and Oracle Card reader – the journey continues

Qualified Celebrant – 2021

I have been teaching Reiki and other modalities since the early 1990s, however the learning always continues and the knowledge and depth of understanding comes from a variety of sources and resources. Mainly my connection to the Universal Energy Life Force, Mother Earth and being part of a wonderful body of souls and a member of the human collective. Whilst obtaining certified and recognised qualifications the Spiritual journey is always about learning, developing and growing….. A Life Long Journey.