Booking and Fees

At Sheamah Holistic Therapies a variety of people visit, teach and run courses, workshops and events.

At Sheamah Holistic Therapies a variety of people visit, teach and run courses, workshops and events.

Booking and Payment details contact Jules via Facebook, text message, email or phone.
Payments can be made by bank transfer; card (a small fee may apply); cash; cheque. 

Reiki Course Degree Level One is £150.00 – this includes the attunements, tuition fees, the manual, course materials and resources. This is a certificated course. This Level of qualification in Reiki allows Treatments to be given to friends and family members. This course is a day course starting at 10:00am and finishing at 4:30pm.  If you have not experienced a Reiki treatment before and would like to explore this before starting your Reiki journey with me I offer a free complimentary treatment. Happy to discuss Reiki and what it offers to potential students.

Reiki Degree Level Two Practitioner Course is £250:00 – this includes the attunements, tuition fees, manual, course materials and resources.This is a certificated course and on completion the person will become a Reiki Practitioner. The course involves using symbols for treatments, distance healing and there will be assignments to complete related to giving treatments and completing client based forms. This course is aimed at those people who have completed Reiki One. This is a two day course. If you have completed Reiki One with me the cost of this certificated course is £220:00

Reiki Masters Degree Level Three is £280.00 – this includes the attunements, tuition fees, manual, course materials and resources. This is a certificated course and extends the knowledge and skills gained at Reiki Course Level one and Level Two  Practitioner. The Reiki Master course includes Master symbols, more in depth understanding of Reiki, the journey you have followed with guidance with your Guides, Ancestors, Crystals and other tools in your tool healing kit. This is a two day course.  .  

Reiki Master / Teachers is £340:00 – this includes attunements, tuition fees,  manual, course materials and resources. This course is for those people who are Reiki Masters and feel that they would like to teach Reiki to others. It is a true commitment and undertaking of your Reiki journey. This is a two day course but I need to add it is a life time of learning and personal development as well. This is a certificated course. You will need to able to produce your own teaching manuals, certificates and demonstrate a deep understanding and knowledge of Reiki and all that this remarkable holistic healing energy offers.     

Golden Ray and Rainbow Ray Practitioner – £150.00 – this includes manuals, attunements, tuition fees. The Golden Ray and Rainbow Ray enhances other Holistic Healing Energy as well as Reiki. This course can only be taken by those people who have already obtained their Reiki Level Two Practitioner Course Certificate.

All my prices for courses/ workshops include the preparation and support before and after the course. 

On line Certificated Reiki Courses all Levels also available.

The same prices apply but I prefer to offer these 1:1 and by video link. The attunements are give by distance. However the student does have the opportunity to meet up with me regularly by video link to share progress and their journey. If distance allows they are always welcome to visit the yurt for support when needed. As far as possible I like to set up Reiki Share groups with students following the same course level. This provides an opportunity for sharing, a good support network.

Its important that the student feels comfortable with the teacher. I like them to meet me and see if they resinate with my energy. .I personally have been on an amazing journey with Reiki and it has really enhanced my life and enriched my Spiritual journey. Once you have set the intend to learn…..’You will always find the correct teacher to support your journey and learning’ . ‘The more you learn the less you know’.

Jules    Reiki blessings to you.


Mediumship and Card Readings start from £30:00

Guided Meditations start from £5:00 per person for approximately 45 minutes. see calander on the website and Facebook for dates and details.

Creative Courses

My creative courses and workshops are individually priced depending on duration of course and material cost. Please visit my calendar for dates on or visit my Facebook for further details.

Courses, Events and Workshops taught by other tutors set their prices and I will set up a link to their website or Facebook page for further details.

If you would also like stay overnight you can book in to Meadowside Bed and Breakfast


phone: 01453 511884