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Julie Brindle

Meet Jules

Reiki Grand Master – Reiki Master Teacher – Golden & Rainbow Ray Practitioner and Teacher – Lemurian Light and Reiki of the Atlantians Master /Teacher – Pyschic Medium – Unicorn and Dragon Practitioner – Tarot and Oracle Card Reader – Anusha – Munay Ki – Meditation Teacher and Practitioner – Qualified Celebrant

My journey started in 2002 when I was diagnosed with epilepsy and  heart issues later on in life. It really goes back to my childhood, the influence of family, friends and life experiences. These experiences have shaped me and made me look at life differently. Always interested in nature, the environment, the changing seasons, the natural forces of earth’s energy and how it impacts on all living things. 

I feel blessed to have supportive friends, Spiritual friends and teachers, working with Spirit, Universal Energy Life force, Ancestors and Guides. The love, the guidance, fun and laughter we share. 

I was asked to think about values for Sheamah Holistic Therapies.The more I thought about it I went back to the meaning of Sheamah and how the name became part of my journey. Sheamah means Energy from Love.

Sheamah Holistic Therapies was born and continues to grow and develop with the help of like-minded friends and my Spiritual family. 


My journey

I’m sure we all have stories to tell about our life and Spiritual journey. I cannot put my journey down to coincidence, believe that I am guided by the Divine Light, the Creator. We all have choices. One thing I am sure about is that I am guided and loved.

I did most of my training and courses at Spirit Walker Crystals in Oxfordshire. As I continue with my journey I encounter new teachers in all forms that help me continue to develop my experience, spiritual growth and ongoing journey.

As Psychic Medium it is an honour to share many wonderful experiences and pass messages on to loved ones. Working with a Psychic Medium friend we organise Mediumship Events in the Yurt and do Readings for people on request. We also have visiting Psychic Mediums come to the Yurts for courses and demonstrations.

I have been Reiki practitioner since 2002 and have been privileged to share Reiki with a number of clients and friends. As a Reiki Teacher I feel blessed to meet so many people wishing to learn about Reiki and follow holistic approach to well being.

 When I teach Reiki, whatever level, I prefer to make personal contact with people so they can feel the energy of the yurt and connect with me as a teacher. I am teaching Reiki online using video links and social media.

I provide support and answer questions that students may have before the course starts and during the 21 day cleansing period. It is equally important to nurture people after the Reiki course and through the process of the Attunements.

I feel it is important to have a positive support network, where we can share experiences and have fun during our Reiki and Spiritual journey.

Reiki crosses all boundaries of Faith and Religion. Reiki is about connecting with the Universal Life Force and Mother Earth through Love and Light. Reiki brings everything into balance and harmony.

If we can share and have fun for the greatest and highest good of everyone then we have served our purpose.


I am now able to offer Reiki Courses, all certificated levels by video link