Kind words from our friends


I met Julie (Jules) a year ago and we really meant to meet that day. We talked about Reiki and the many benefits it might have on my life. With some health concerns and being in an unsettled place in my life I knew that I had to try something………

Julie’s retreat/yurt was such a surprise to me when I arrived. The warmth and welcome from Julie made me feel comfortable and relaxed. It was the wonderful country setting and open space, not to mention a few furry family members that made the whole experience so unique. The yurt is magical and takes me to a place that I can feel at one with the world


Mum had her Reiki 1 with this lady. It was a very special day. She couldn’t stop talking about it……. she can’t wait to do her Reiki 2 with you. x


Jules has created the most magical environment with her beautiful yurts.Once you step in you never want to leave. I love working in them when holding workshops and I love being held by them when attending other people’s workshops. There is a variety of events to go to and there is a fantastic welcome from Jules, who is an incredible reiki teacher and therapist.

R Mc

What an amazing place! It is somewhere where everyone should go! The energy and feel of this special place is out of this world.


Love the Yurts…… warm and welcoming.


An amazing place ! Had such a wonderful day.


When I read the reveiws that people write it just simply blows me away and makes me feel emotional. I love sharing the space and the yurts. When people share their gifts, knowledge and spiritual journeys it just adds to the energy and the magic. People bring their love and leave a very special part of them behind in the yurts. Thank you to everyone and keeping coming, keep sharing the magic.