Working with Spirit, sharing messages with loved ones is a honour, a privilege, filled with laughter, tears but always with Love and Light. Mediumship is a life long journey.

Glen Miles  and Jules work together on Mediumship evenings in the yurt. Mediumship Evenings take place once a month, usually on a Friday. Starts at 7:00pm till 9:00pm. We are happy if people wish to stay behind and chat about their messages or need to know more about Mediumship.

 It has become a popular event and a lovely spiritual family gathering. Everyone is welcome. Occasionally we have visiting Psychic Mediums coming along to the yurt to once share messages from friends and loved ones.

Jules and Glen offer Mediumship Readings, Tarot and Card Readings. Contact Jules or Glen Miles for more information. Visit Glen on Facebook or on his website.

Sheamah Holistic Therapies run Mediumship Closed Circles on Monday , every 2 weeks from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. If you are interested in joining the Closed Mediumship Circle please contact Jules before hand to discuss what you are seeking from the Closed Mediumship Circle.

Psychic development Courses also take place in the yurt – see calendar for further details

Tarot Card reading courses – various levels – see calendar for further details

If your interested in psychic development or Mediumship please get in contact with us at Sheamah Holistic Therapies.  

I believe that everyone is psychic and they follow their gut reaction or their natural intuition. What is a Medium? I believe a medium has the gift or the ability to act as a mediator between people and even animals, that have sadly left earth plane and now exist in another dimension. When our loved ones pass over into Spirit we like to believe that they are safe, happy and live in a beautiful place. Whatever we call this place and what form it takes. In times of loss, pain and grief  some of us seek reassurance that loved ones are in ‘heaven’. We like to feel that their presence and their memory is kept alive and honoured by family, friends and pets.

I still remember the pain when my mum and dad passed away like it was yesterday. One thing we can be certain most of us, if not all of us have experienced the loss of a loved one. When my mum died it was very painful and I longed to know if she was ok, safe and not lonely. I didn’t realise the impact that her passing would have on me and how it impacted on other family members and her dear friends.  At her funeral I was extremely sad but at the same time immensely proud because I came to understand what she meant as a mother, wife, a friend and a truly remarkable woman. I am proud of both my parents and my life is richer for them being so much part of my life.

I believe in Spirit and I have had first hand experience of what it means to me. How it has given me a great source of comfort to overcome many obstacles in my life. When I have chatted to people about their Spiritual experiences I realise that it is not spooky, weird or scary  but can offer people closure and an opportunity to move forward with their lives. To give people the opportunity to discuss openly their emotion, pain, hurt and the good times shared. 

Mediums are ordinary people who have the ability to tune into the Spirit world in order to pass on survival evidence and messages of loved ones. There is more to life in the world we live in and there is much to still learn and explore.The Universe is magical and full of mystery and still holds onto secrets that goes beyond our understanding. There is still so much to learn. We believe that we all have a soul or spirit and this continues to exist after the demise of our physical body. Despite peoples’ stories, experiences there will always be a skeptical view point. Some of us start out as ‘non- believers’ but our individual experiences may make us be more open- minded when the evidence is placed in front of us.

It is the love we have for our friends and family members that are no longer with us on this side of life that draws them close to us and enables us to make a connection with them through a medium who is sensitive to our loved ones presence. I have had remarkable personal experiences from talking to mediums about my family. I have also been privileged and honoured to pass messages onto people from their loved ones in Spirit.

Mediumship Evenings are £10:00 per person

Mediumship Reading starts £30:00 per person – 1:1 or in small groups