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When we run our creative workshops and weekend retreats people not only take their product home with them but have the opportunity to purchase items from Sheamah Holistic Therapies. The products are usually crafted by Pat and myself. They are one-off products and can be used for various Holistic Healing purposes or for personal use. For example small woodland craft products, meditation cushions, wands, talking sticks, drum beaters, sistrums, drum stands, lined bags, 'wishes and dreams' boxes for cosmic ordering, incense holders and bespoke night lights. 

When items come up for sale we will post a photograph and give a brief descriptions of the product. Any prices quoted does not include postage and packaging. Some of the products you can make for yourself if you would like to sign up for one of the workshops. We also have other tutors running creative courses and the prices for those courses will be set by them. Please see Calander page for further details on creative courses. Email or contact us by phone for more details. 

Sheamah Holistic Therapies likes to support skilled and creative craft people, who produce high quality products and we will provide a website or Facebook link to help you in your quest for that special gift or product for your own treatment room or meditation area.   


Singing bowl cushions - various sizes - machine washable

Singing bowl cushions - various sizes - machine washable

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